The Happy Couple

Rob and Karen were set up by a mutual friend. After a couple of bike rides together (where Karen learned that it is very difficult to make a road rider out of a mountain biker), we went on our first official date at Bella Luna restaurant in downtown Palo Alto. Rob was hooked on Karen's smile and incredible cycling strength within a week, and Karen fell for Rob's long hair and crazy sense of humor shortly thereafter. Over the past 21 months, Karen has learned to appreciate the joys of mountain biking.

For those of you who haven't yet met Karen:

I'm a 29-year-old residential lighting designer, vegetarian, and avid road cyclist. 2 summers ago, I rode my touring bike (with a ton of gear) across the United States over the course of 3 months. I love power tools, dancing to cheesy music, going to the theater, bouncing, baking, hiking, fixing up our house, gardening, and watching movies on the couch with my main squeeze. I don't like cat hair on my bedspread, a messy house, drivers who don't signal, people who are mean, spiders, shoes, and country music. I'm the assistant leader for a Cadette Girl Scout troop. My favorite thing about Rob is that nothing ever really upsets him. He can handle any situation with a calm head and always sees the good in hard situations.

For those of you who haven't yet met Rob:

I goof off with computers on a daily basis and am lucky enough to have found cool people willing to pay me to do it. Karen thinks I'm majorly geeky since I also like to do this stuff in my free time, but that's ok since I've made peace with my inner geek. I may even get a propellor hat. In my spare time I spin my legs in circles (cycling, preferably on dirt) and I hit large objects filled with sand (martial arts training). Once in a while I also surf. I also have a small furry animal that is completely bonkers named Barney that passes as a domestic shorthair feline when asked (click here for Barney's namesake). Karen is certain that Barney is the only reason there is hair on the bedspread, and that explanation is fine with me. No really, I don't shed that much. My favorite thing about Karen is her fun, outgoing nature. As a recovering introvert I admire her bubbly nature.