The Adventures of Glowfrog and Feliché

Far south on the shores of Lake Ponchetrain lived two gentle toy frogs named Glowfrog and Feliché. Feliché is a wind-up swimming frog with back legs that kick. Glowfrog is bioluminescent as well as a squirt gun. They make a formidable team.

They liked to spend their days staring into space and floating on the water, until one night when a freak hurricane struck Lake Ponchetrain and carried the two frogs thousands of miles from home. They landed in a pool of bubbling hot water, not knowing that it was the jacuzzi of the Devine/Edgerton household. What happened next is unclear, but the frogs later guessed that they were either anointed by a bubblefish or were somehow changed through exposure to the strong chemicals used for hygienic purposes in the hot tub. Either way, a physical reaction began within them that night.

Once they got their bearings, they begin to notice the changes within them. First of all, they were capable of moving under their own power and of conscious thought. Glowfrog’s first thought was I’m the best looking albino, Creole frog I’ve ever seen but why am I in a hot tub? Feliché thought Who cut one?

The two frogs might never have realized the additional powers bestowed upon them were it not for the unwelcome attack they received that very day. Soon after their awakening, they became aware of a large, black and furry animal. Barney the cat had immediately noticed the presence of two new creatures in his domain. Barney began stalking them, with the clear intention of violence upon their persons. Glowfrog, whispered Feliché, What’s that cat doing? He’s coming to get us, duh. Run Joey! said Glowfrog. The two frogs attempted to hop to safety. Their first jump sent both of them over the roof of the house. That’s when they realized that they were now very special frogs. Their newfound power emboldened them to explore the city. They agreed to keep their superjumping ability hidden, for now.

The frogs began walking toward downtown. They saw children going to school, and people going to work. They saw caffe latte, chai tea and brewpub beer on every corner. What is this land of coffee and beer, wonders Feliché. Glowfrog noticed a bee getting ready to sting a small child and instinctively shot his tongue to catch the bee, not even realizing the bee was fully twenty feet away. Feliché said Glowfrog, I believe these new powers compel us to help others less fortunate than ourselves. I believe you are correct, Feliché said Glowfrog. Let us retire to the shores of the unholy cocktail contained in the tub. We must rest, and somehow make peace with the cat that lives there, and then decide our future.

The two frogs return to the Devine/Edgerton residence, and proceed to force the cat to submit. Glowfrog wrapped his supertongue loosely around Barney’s neck, and Feliché batted him gently with his legs to force him to sit down. Then they introduced themselves and told Barney their story. Due to their superior strength and compelling storytelling abilities, Barney is convinced that they should be allowed to remain.

It was early the next morning that the Hoshin Hero appeared in the yard. She was hard to miss with her tall, black top hat. She was joined by her friend, Fire Turtle. Fire Turtle’s powers were limited, but valuable, as the new group of friends was about to learn.

The four friends were chatting and enjoying a soak that day when they were assaulted by a crack team of parachuting raccoons. The raccoons had jumped from a low flying plane in an obvious attempt to retake the yard. Glowfrog and Feliche attempted to fight off the raccoons, who had clearly been fighting and training together for years, but the battle was not going well. The two frogs were still mastering their superpowers, and even with the addition of Fire Turtle and the Hoshin Hero, it was looking like they were not going to win the battle. The Hoshin Hero shouted that quality control and zero process errors was more important than control of the yard, and that conflict of a physical nature would not help anyone achieve six sigma. At that moment, the raccoon leader landed a powerful punch right into Glowfrog’s soft underbelly. Glowfrog attempted to strike back, but was foiled by the raccoon’s sharp claws.

Just in the nick of time, Fire Turtle took out his cell phone and called Kim Possible for help. Luckily, Kim Possible was able to jet immediately to the scene and use her kung fu powers to knock those raccoons into space. So not the drama, she said and then headed for home.

In the future, the raccoons would be back for more, and these new superfriends would help save many, but this ends the first adventure of Glowfrog and Feliche.