Photos - Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

almost to the top of White Bird Pass, ID

Rudy, Hal, and me having lunch in Clearwater River Valley

Bitter Root Valley Mountains

a cool old barn

the Continental Divide after a 4000 ft. climb

Sibylle and me on her last day

Nevada City, a restored mining town... very cool!

me above Madison Valley, MT

scenery from Yellowstone

more scenery from Yellowstone

a very smelly geiser

me on the walking path in Yellowstone

Old Faithful!

Rudy, Hal, Franklin and me at the Continental Divide

Lewis River Canyon

me posing at the Yellowstone entrance

more posing

a georgous view in Grand Teton National Park

the gang at boat cruise breakfast to Elk Island

et moi

Moran Peak, Grand Tetons

Darrin and me at Hermitage Point, Grand Tetons