Karen's Bike Adventure


Dear friends,

This will be my last update on this site (I also posted some new pictures). I've been home over a month and I've just about settled back into a normal life. I miss the freedom of being on the road, but I'm happy to be back with family and friends.

With your help, we raised over $7000 for the Alzheimer's Association! The staff at the Mt. View office is very appreciative of the donations, and I wish you all could see how happy they were to support the trip.

I'd like to extend special thanks to everyone who supported the trip, but especially to the following people:

Mom: for the cytomax, protein powder, love, support, a great home coming, and for not worrying too much!

Dad and Jan: for the pictures of home, noisemakers, encouragement, and a crazy 22 hour visit in Middle of Nowhere, MO.

Dustin Frazier: my stellar webmaster for putting together a stellar website, developing all of my pictures, and keeping everyone updated on my progress.

Libby, Mom, Barbara, and Kevin: for being there when I took my plunge in the Atlantic! And to Geoff for the cool sign.

Janel and Beth: for the great Welcome home party, cookies, conversation and for just being great friends.

Wayne, Leah, Greg, George & Sally, Auntie Jane, Iris, Alayne & Don, Rachel, Tina, Judy Rogers, Tonya & Mariah, Lura, Kevin G., Sibylle, and Scott from Hoosier Pass: for the wonderful letters and care packages. Nothing beats having mail when I'm so far from home.

The Staff at the Alzheimer's Association: for the gift certificate to Watercourse Way, the care package, and for the enthusiastic support.

West San Jose Kiwanis Club: for the incredible generous donations and for laughing at my talk!

Team in Training folks: for convincing me that I really was strong enough to ride 4613 miles!

John, Rudy, Hal, and Greg: for making it and being great travel partners.

I hope I haven't missed anyone, because each of you played a very important role in the successful completion of this journey!


Karen :)