Dear Friends,

As you may already know, I have decided to undertake the biggest challenge of my life...

Starting on June 2nd, I will be bicycling from Portland, Oregon to Williamsburg, Virginia! The trip will cover almost 4,500 miles and take three months to complete. I'll be riding with 13 other people and we'll be carrying all of our gear... no support vehicles! The route takes us off the beaten path, and we'll be visiting small towns throughout the country.

When I first decided to do this ride, my motives were purely selfish... I wanted to accomplish something that few other people do. But as the trip draws nearer, I realize that it will take more than that to keep me going through Oregon rains, Midwestern heat, Illinois winds, muscle aches, camping food, sunburns and whatever else Mother Nature may throw my way.

So to help motivate me through my journey, I will be raising money for the Alzheimer's Association. This group supports those suffering from Alzheimer's disease and related dementias by providing information and support to caregivers, advocacy for those who can no longer speak for themselves, and research.

I will be riding in honor of my Gramma Huntsinger and my Grandfather Petrek. Both of these people are still alive, but Alzheimer's has stolen them from my family. They are no longer the vibrant people they once were. I never imagined how horrible this disease could be until I saw how it affected someone that I love.

My goal is to raise one dollar for every mile that I ride... a total of $4,500! It's a big goal, but with your help I know it will happen. Any amount (no matter how small or large) that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated by the Alzheimer's Association, my grandparents, my family and me. Your donation is completely tax deductible and 79 cents of each dollar you donate will go directly to patient services, research, and education.

My sincerest thanks for your generous support!

Karen :)


Please select the appropriate category:

  _____      $25      25 miles      1/2 a day of cycling
  _____      $50      50 miles      One day of cycling
  _____      $100      100 miles      Two days of cycling
  _____      $300      300 miles      A full week of cycling
  _____      $1200      1200 miles      An entire month of cycling!

Please make checks payable to Alzheimer's Association, and mail them to:

Karen Edgerton (Alzheimer's Association)
200 Elm St.
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Remember, all donations are completely tax deductible.

If you'd like a personal, handwritten postcard during my trip, please include a note with your name and address.